Optimize Future Cloud Computing Service System

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Journal Title: Journal of Science & Technology
Author(s): Samen Bairagi, Munnujahan Ara and Sanjit Kumar Paul
Published On: 15/12/2021
Volume: 2
Issue: 5
First Page: 19
Last Page: 30
ISSN: 2582-6921
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Samen Bairagi, Munnujahan Ara and Sanjit Kumar Paul, Optimize Future Cloud Computing Service System, Volume 2, Journal of Science & Technology, 19-30, Published on 15/12/2021, Available at https://jst.thelawbrigade.com/article/optimize-future-cloud-computing-service-system/


Cloud computing means reserving and retrieving data over the cloud on behalf of computer’s hard drive. For taking decision to get better benefit, Cloud Company faces many problems. For this reasons, Operation Research (OR) is used to find out a better solution. Cloud Company is mainly related on three parties: (1) cloud providers, (2) cloud brokers and (3) cloud consumers and these three parties are mutually depend on each other. In this research, an inter relationship among these three parties are constructed and a mathematical model is also made by using supply chain. Past and current data are collected from three different companies who act as provider and the proposed model is used to take optimize decisions for getting better profit in future of providers.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Operation Research, Supply Chain Management, Relations, Profit

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