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Journal of Science & Technology is a Bi-Monthly e-Journal of Scientific Research bearing ISSN: 2582-6921. The Journal covers scientific research from all research areas of science and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

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Enhancing Emotional Resilience Through Age – Appropriate Sleep Hours

The COVID-19 pandemic as a public health issue has spread to the rest of the world. Although the well-being and emotional resilience of healthcare professionals are key components of continuing healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals have been observed in this period to experience serious psychological problems and to be at risk in

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Big Data And Healthcare Analytics

This paper delves into the use of mobile-based or computer-based apps for reducing patient readmission rates in the American healthcare industry. Such interventions are required for improving population health, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing costs per capita. The aim of the quadruple aim is to simultaneously achieve its three major goals that are mentioned above.

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An Overview Of The SOZO Model: A Synergy Of Three Physiological Aspects For Quality Impact In Psychotherapy

A silver lining of COVID-19 is the surge in adoption of digital health by end users (including patients), patents, and service providers, as well as coverage of digital interventions by insurers and governments. People flocked to well-being apps and telehealth during initial outbreaks and lockdowns to reduce the risks of overloading healthcare systems or contracting

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Bioethics: Issues and Challenges

Bioethics concerns itself with the ethical issues faced in the healthcare, biotechnology, research related system. It raises a question regarding the intersection between law, medicine, public policy etc. As we live in an interchanging and growing world these fields have brought different changes with those changes comes the question of ethics of that particular change.

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